China's glass export prices continued to rise

Published: 31st March 2010
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China's exports of flat glass in 2009 showing the amount of shrinkage rising values of the situation, in particular, is subject to the financial crisis and weakening world economy, the impact of the international market demand remained low in the glass, directly reflected in the glass to reduce the export volume.


    However, noteworthy is the decline in exports, while China's export prices of glass a gradual upward trend during the year, float glass, the export price from March 2009 to 280.74 U.S. dollars / ton, up to 12 months of 342.71 U.S. dollars / ton, up for 22.07% of ordinary sheet glass or high export prices this year has reached 93.18%. These notes China's current export structure of the varieties and quality of flat glass have undergone substantial changes, from quantitative to qualitative transformation, thereby enhancing the unit export prices, but also to enhance the domestic glass products in the international market competitiveness. It is predicted that this year or even longer, China will remain a major exporter status.

    According to the latest Customs statistics show that: in 2009 1 December total exports of 1.67 million tons of flat glass, earning 512 million U.S. dollars, down 44.06%. Float Glass which total exports 1.33 million tons, accounting for 79.32% of export volume, 1 ~ December float glass exports total 399 million U.S. dollars foreign exchange, accounting for 77.99% of total export earnings, down 47.93%. Normal total exports of 100,000 tons of flat glass, accounting for 6.08% volume of total exports, total export 34.84 million U.S. dollars, down 40.84%. 1 December the average export price of flat glass 306.43 U.S. dollars / tons, of which the average export price of float glass 301.31 U.S. dollars / ton, the average export price of ordinary plate glass 342.73 U.S. dollars / ton. 1 ~ December total exports of rolled glass, 243,000 tons, with an average export price of 319.13 U.S. dollars / ton.

    In December 2009 China's real export 114,000 tons of flat glass, ring up 17.81% compared with the month the export price of 340.92 yuan / ton, a decline of 1.33%. In which the actual export of float glass 85.4 thousand tons, ring up 16.20% compared with the month the export price of 342.71 U.S. dollars / ton, up 1.35% chain; ordinary plate glass in December real exports 6304 tons, ring up 13.67% compared with the export price of 445.75 U.S. dollars / tons, a decline of 15.91%.

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