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Published: 08th July 2010
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"You only need to go to work before
Electric pressure cooker
Set a good, waiting for you a home, you can eat tasty rice was. "" Whether steamed, boiled or fried, fried, roasted and other functions, as long as the dishes in the kitchen with our
Microwave ovens
We can do that. "In a
Small appliances
Area, promotional staff are introducing their products to customers.

Washing machine
And other "big man" appliances continue to use high
Enhance their own value, a number of small man, small household electrical appliances of low price is also seeking to develop and improve products, people feel the most obvious change is the small household electrical appliances become increasingly "smart", and to the people freed from tedious household chores out, the full enjoyment of
Brought us joy.

Intelligent Electric Pressure Cooker

Electric pressure cooker is an electric heating through the temperature control, pressure control have some pressure to achieve quick cooking sealed electric food warmer. The product is a traditional
Boil, stew, stew, cook multiple functions can be a combination of new cooking tool, it is known as the "all cooking master." Industry usually divided into multi-function electric pressure cooker-type and two kinds of intelligent, multi-function type are mechanical operation, function relatively simple, but affordable. Smart is the micro
Control, with
Display, function keys to select the style, porridge, stew push it out, also has a timer function, more convenient to use.

Reporter noted that the brand electric pressure cookers in the heat pushing their
Characteristics, but also play a nutrition card one after another. If Lobbe
Adi introduced more than a pot of pot can be used to achieve, set a pressure cooker,
Rice cooker
, Electric cooker in a variety of advantages can be quickly steamed, boiled, stew, stew, simmer, boil, roast, boil the cooking and many other functions, cooking cooking, everything round. Do not use it boiling, do not take gas, no fumes, in a sealed state to work, lock up more nutrients. Smart nutrition program cooking with original, unique procedures to improve absorption of protein, does not destroy original
Procedure, the original smart intelligent functions such as lipid-lowering seethe process. According to sales personnel, as Adi pot is not boiling, not steaming, juice of the original soup, stewed chicken, stewed
Drainage is also a food such as may from time to soup, can be fully retained nutrition, by some not good at cooking, but also pay attention to nutrition of young housewives who welcome.

Versatile microwave

The PRC, according to the latest survey data show that most have a microwave oven
Generally used only about 5% of its features, most consumers indicated that only occasionally used to house the microwave cooking is primarily used for hot meals, make breakfast. In fact, microwave oven can be cooked, heating, thawing, drying, as long as the intention of Discovery Research, microwave oven features will be of great help in daily life.

An electrical store in the provincial capital of the microwave zone
Promotional staff to make use of microwave oven delicacies are constantly tempted with the past, people in the nose and eyes, steamed fish, grilled chicken wings, wax gourd meat ... ... everything. Promotions told the reporter, now burned, boiled, fried, fried, fried and other Chinese restaurants in a variety of cooking functions are applied to the microwave oven. As Glanz's "Red China" ad hoc of the light wave digital one key function, you can easily make Guangdong, Shandong, Zhejiang and Sichuan dishes around, buttoned down a key function of all operations, automatically made eight of 36 dishes kinds of dishes, thousands of taste.
Steam Series microwave oven has a built sports packages, steam curing meals, light
Family meal, the staple food series and other modes of operation, completely suited to needs of the modern fast-paced life.

Replace the gas stove induction cooker

Cooker gas stoves are now almost able to do all the things to do,
, Cooking stew, barbecue, cooking, soup is good at all. Induction has now become the new favorite restaurants and hot pot restaurants, may not be long before you will can not help but buy one, it is so easy and fast the.
Temperature control
6 files, 120 minutes to 10 minutes as a unit any time, 24-hour appointment, 1 minute automatic shutdown protection ... ... The advanced intelligent operations are gas stoves can not be compared; easy to clean, energy-saving environmental protection, Members female housewives safe is pursued.

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